Hypnosis – Day One of My Journey

Although I am never really interested in reports from the first few days of a diet as much as later on, but it is still good to remember the time when determination was high. When I start a diet I have such incredible belief in that program and faith in myself that I will see it through – I suppose you could say I have my blinkers on. But it is never a true reflection of…


Motivation In A Bottle

Would you like to pour yourself a glass of willpower and sip it like iced tea? Or better still, serve it on a spoon and feel the magic begin to work instantly? Perfect. A dream come true…and an end to failed dieting.

But they don’t sell motivation in a bottle. We have pills and potions and shakes and meal replacements but no bottle of pure willpower. So what about creating our own? What would we put as the ingredients? What is motivation made up of? And what would happen if you took a sip of Feel Good Diet’s bottle of motivation?


Hypnosis and Weight Loss

I know losing weight through hypnosis works. I have done it before and I know the power of my own mind can outweigh any desire I have to eat. That really is amazing and something most of us forget or don’t even realise – through our subconscious we have the ability to overcome the urges to overeat and binge on food.

But finding a technique that not only works but suits our individual issues around food is far from easy. This is my journey.


The Motivation Lifestyle

I know that feeling good is not just about losing weight, but having the strength to overcome all of the challenges that are faced along the way.

We are always trying to find that one program that will work for us – and we never give up trying, which is ironic when the only thing we do is give up on the programs themselves. But the majority of the systems that we embark on do actually work, so where are we going wrong?…