The Motivation Lifestyle

Welcome to the Feel Good Diet, we know that feeling good is not just about losing weight, but having the strength to overcome all of the challenges that you face along the way, such as changing your lifestyle and getting used to the new choices that you will need to make.

The diet industry is worth millions because we are always trying to find that one program that will work for us and we never give up trying, which is ironic when the only thing we do is give up on the programs themselves. But the majority of the systems that we embark on do work, from weekly weigh-in meetings to meals delivered to your door, from female-specific programs like Venus Factor Weight Loss to hypnosis and their wide range of self-help books.

So where are we going wrong?

The one thing that stands between these successful programs and our ideal weight is us, or more specifically, our motivation: that magical ingredient in our brain that makes us do incredible things.

The power of our own desire to do something can be immense and particularly at the start of a weight loss journey, we persuade our minds and bodies to take on the challenge; to change the way we eat, to take on rigorous exercise and to refuse our favourite foods with focused determination. But that power has to be fuelled, it has to be regularly topped up for it to do its job properly and supply us with the motivation to travel the long, uneven, windy and uphill terrains.

So, it is not so much about what program you choose to follow or what guidelines you incorporate into your diet, it is about working on what type of fuel you need to power your motivation. You need to research all the tactics, tips and ideas that may help you, and this site will be looking in-depth at various ways that could make a difference, because sometimes it could be just a simple statement or somebody else’s experience that lifts you over that next hurdle.

Be Your Own Motivation

And the work doesn’t stop once you have reached your goals, there is still work ahead to keep yourself there, and you need to be aware of this. Often those that do reach their ideal weight or have lost a significant amount end up putting some or all of it back on again, and the feeling that brings is unbelievably disheartening and full of failure. So we need to get in tune with our mind and know what it is that takes us back to the beginning, refuse it and motivate ourselves to continue our life-long journey because living with those rewards far outweigh any mountain you have to climb to keep yourself there.