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Hypnosis To Lose Weight – Week One

I got through week one! And even better… I’m still fired up and rearing to go for week two! I also got through the weekend which are a danger area, it’s like ‘I’m on holiday from work which gives me the licence to be on holiday from dieting’. But my body does not share that view! I also had to face the subject of self-sabotage…


Day 2-4 of Hypnosis and Weight Loss

So I survived day one to wake with incredible hunger on day two! I’m guessing this is just my body adjusting and to be honest it was nice to not feel bloated for a change. But on the day I could have devoured a dinosaur, breakfast was delayed and could almost be considered brunch! Which leads me onto another diet debate…


Hypnosis – Day One of My Journey

Although I am never really interested in reports from the first few days of a diet as much as later on, but it is still good to remember the time when determination was high. When I start a diet I have such incredible belief in that program and faith in myself that I will see it through – I suppose you could say I have my blinkers on. But it is never a true reflection of…


Hypnosis and Weight Loss

I know losing weight through hypnosis works. I have done it before and I know the power of my own mind can outweigh any desire I have to eat. That really is amazing and something most of us forget or don’t even realise – through our subconscious we have the ability to overcome the urges to overeat and binge on food.

But finding a technique that not only works but suits our individual issues around food is far from easy. This is my journey.