Motivation. Willpower.

Scarily powerful...always with us...
...yet hard to conjure up and almost
impossible to hold onto.

We look at effective ways to not only summon motivation at will
but keep it constantly fighting for us.

Find Your Motivation

Instead of focusing on our diets, we end up fighting ourselves every step of the way until we are defeated. Again.

The only way to put an end to this vicious circle and to stop negativity before it truly gets hold is to retrain our minds to think what we want them to think and redirect our thoughts from the doubts that begin to set in.

Are you ready to try the techniques in the
Weight Loss Motivation Series?

The Right Prescription

I wonder what it would be like to buy a bottle of ‘motivation’ from the grocery store, pour the contents into a glass and sip it like iced tea? Or better still, every time we need to motivate ourselves, we serve it like medicine, take a spoonful and feel the magic begin to work instantly. Perfect. A dream come trueand an end to failed dieting.

But they don’t sell motivation in a bottle.

We have pills and potions, shakes and meal replacements but no bottle of pure willpower. 

My Feel Good Diet

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