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Hi and welcome to Feel Good Diet.

LorettaI am Loretta and ‘Us’ is my husband and I, but I do most of the writing – he just brings me coffee ;-). I am a mum, wife and computer graduate. I work full time as a personal assistant in the education sector; nothing to do with computers but that’s because life got in the way and pushed me through a different door

My hobbies are writing (although you would never believe it given some of the content I have written), computers – of course, and web design. I would love to add sport, running marathons and eating healthy but unfortunately, the only sport I play is Spider Solitaire (which still amazes my husband that I can get addicted to this game) and as for running…well it just doesn’t happen, not even for a bus

Eating healthy is something I should do, and sometimes I will have a splurge and buy cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, low fat, weird-tasting alternatives of favourite dishes, and a pile of vegetables. Some will get eaten, but most will be left in the back of the refrigerator until the ‘use by’ date is a distant memory or they get moved out because the health kick has passed and I need room for the cheesecake ;-).

There Has To Be Another Way

As for dieting…I have been on one since I was 14, I am now somewhere in my 40s. That is a long time to be dieting – I should be stick thin by now, enjoying other things in life instead of worrying what to eat, wear, what event/holiday/job to avoid, and how much strain all this constant dieting is doing to my body.

I want out. I want to find a different way.

25 years is long enough to realise that dieting is not working for me.

I started to analyse everything good and bad about my experience with trying to lose weight; at the beginning of every new diet I was always full of determination and belief with such a high level of willpower that I knew that was where I should start looking.

I realised that it isn’t the diets that bring success – it is my motivation. I can conjure it up at the beginning of a diet so why can’t I keep it there?

And that’s why I started Feel Good Diet because I finally realised that to be a true success in losing weight and in every area of my life, I have to learn how I work and what keeps me feeling at the top of my game, because when I am motivated, I can conquer anything.

So I hope you enjoy this site and something in my garbled scribbling helps you on your own diet to feeling good.


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