Motivation is one of the hardest things to keep up when you’re trying to lose weight or in anything that relies on your own determination to succeed.

We look at the different techniques you can use to help get through the tough times.

Check out Motivation in a Bottle for a quick fix when you’re feeling particularly challenged.

Motivation in a Bottle

I wonder what it would be like to buy a bottle of ‘motivation’ from the grocery store, pour the contents into a glass and sip it like iced tea? Or better still, every time we need to motivate ourselves, we serve it like medicine, take a spoonful and feel the magic begin to work instantly. …

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Motivation To Lose Weight Quotes

One of the most fantastic ways to provide motivation is to surround yourself with words of pure motivation that you can read whenever you need a boost. Motivation to lose weight can be found in little statements that give you continued reasons to keep going. And there are hundreds of them. Typing into a search …

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The Motivation Lifestyle

I’ve come to realise that losing weight is not just about seeing the number on the scales go down. It is about having the strength to overcome all of the challenges that you will face along the way, such as changing your lifestyle and getting used to the new choices that you will need to make. …

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