Hi and welcome to Feel Good Diet.


You want to lose weight. You’ve got a great diet to follow and the pounds begin to melt away….so what happens? Why do things go wrong and no matter how hard you try, you just CAN’T stick to it?!


Most of the time it is not the diet that’s the problem.


It is our deep inner programming that sabotages our efforts. Our motivation takes a hit, and we struggle for all our might to get it back again.

But if we haven’t properly prepared ourselves mentally, we will undoubtably lose the fight.

Think about it – we are forcing our minds to endure things they do not want to do – and they won’t take it lying down!

They are determined to keep us wrapped up in the safe, secure place of comfort foods and feel-good calorific highs.

But we can beat it. We just need some extra help…

The Weight Loss Motivation Series – trying to keep the motivation going in the quest to lose weight can be challenging so it helps if you know one or two effective techniques.


I created the Weight Loss Motivation series for myself originally as I was fed up of failing with diets and destroying any success I had achieved.

I knew I needed more than just the diet.

Part one of this series introduces positive thinking and how having it can greatly affect our willpower.

It looks at the subconscious and why it’s the driving force behind most of the decisions we make.

And more importantly it highlights that we need to quit asking for what we already have…

…and start demanding exactly what it is that we dream of.

Learn how to set yourself up with the right tools and techniques to keep your motivation at its best and stick to any diet you choose.