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I’ve come to realise that losing weight is not just about seeing the number on the scales go down. It is about having the strength to overcome all of the challenges that you will face along the way, such as changing your lifestyle and getting used to the new choices that you will need to make. But we struggle, and we end up blaming the diet we are following and seek another one. And we never give up trying various diet programs, which is ironic when the only thing we do is…

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Give up on the programs themselves!

And the majority of the systems that we embark on actually do work. From weekly weigh-in meetings to detox programs, low carbs, low sugar and even low GI (Glycemic Index) to name just a few. So where are we going wrong?

The one thing that stands between these successful programs and our ideal weight is us, or more specifically, our motivation: that magical ingredient in our brain that makes us do incredible things. The power of our own desire to do something can be immense, and at the start of a weight loss journey, we persuade our minds and bodies to take on the challenge; to change the way we eat, to take on rigorous exercise and to ban our favourite foods – all with such focused determination.

Research Your Own Barriers

But that determination has to be fueled; it has to be regularly topped up for it to do its job properly and supply us with sufficient motivation to travel the long and windy, uneven and uphill terrains. So, it is not so much about what program you choose to follow or what guidelines you incorporate into your diet, what makes them work is finding the right type of vehicle to power your motivation. You need to research the many tactics, tips and ideas that may help you, immerse yourself in endless self-help strategies, or read/listen/watch what other’s have gone through – because sometimes it could be just a simple statement or somebody else’s experience that lifts you over that next hurdle.

Be Your Own Motivation

And the work doesn’t stop once you have reached your goals, there is still so much more to do to keep yourself there, and you need to be fully aware of this. Often, those that do reach their ideal weight or have lost a significant amount, end up putting some – or all of it – back on again, and the feeling it brings is unbelievably disheartening and full of failure. So we need to get in tune with our mind and know what it is that not only can keep us focused on the journey, but also stops us from self-sabotaging and putting it all back on again.

Living with the reward of conquering your weight issues is a reward that far outweighs any mountain you have had to climb to get yourself there.

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Feel Good Diet

Hi and welcome to Feel Good Diet.

My name is Loretta Raine and I am a mum, wife, writer and computer graduate. I work full-time as well as blog, develop websites and juggle many other things that a hectic life throws in my direction. I would love to say I am athletic and eat healthy…but my only sport is Spider Solitaire and I often throw veg out to make room for the cheesecake!

I started this site to get away from the scream-rendering, horror world of diets and find an easier way to love life and conquer my world - or at least try and keep up with it! So, I hope you join me in ditching that diet and living the Feel Good Diet!


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