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Weight Loss Motivation: The Power of Positive Thinking

by | Motivate

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Motivation to Lose Weight: First off, I’m going to declare that I am not a health professional and I don’t have all the answers…in fact the following article could be gibberish and just mutterings from a desperate dieter! I am a firm believer though in the power of positive thinking, especially when we have to make changes we don’t really want to make. The following is based on research I have done, as well as my own experiences, and if any of it can be of use to you on your journey, then this article has been worth writing, and if not, well at least I finally got it off my chest.

SECTION 1: The Positive in Me and the Fight Ahead

This is how I used to think when I was trying to be positive:

“I can do this”
“I will lose all this weight”
“I will fit into that old pair of jeans I love”
“I want to do this”
“When I start to struggle, I will try and get through it”
“I don’t want to be like this forever”
“I hate being like this”
“I want to change”
“Please let this be the one”
“I don’t want to go back to my old ways”
“Why do I always have to fail?”
“Why can’t I just make it work?”
“Maybe there is no hope for me!”
“I am destined to look like this FOREVER!”

Whoa girl!! I went from positive thinking to doubting myself and then giving up! Is it any wonder I struggled to succeed and the hope of wearing those ‘old pair of jeans’ disappeared with the belief that I ever could!

I was my own worst enemy.

Sound familiar? Okay, it might take a little longer than a few short sentences before the negativity hits but it does come, eventually. And instead of focusing on our diets, we end up fighting ourselves every step of the way until we are defeated. Again.

Vicious circle: “complex chains of events that reinforce themselves through a feedback loop…a vicious circle has detrimental results” Wikipedia

The only way to put an end to this vicious circle and to stop negativity before it truly gets hold is to retrain our minds to think what we want them to think and redirect our thoughts from the doubts that begin to set in.

But it’s not easy and we have to muster up determination and self-resilience; we have to fight with an array of invisible weapons that the majority of us do not know how to use! We end up giving in, surrendering to our negative thoughts and accepting failure. Again.

That vicious circle just keeps on…going on.

By giving negativity a stage,
we are creating its existence and
promoting its performance;
and the longer we continue to provide that stage,
it (negativity) will perform louder and stronger
to attract its negative audience.

But there is hope.

It’s time to fight back.

It’s time to temporarily push aside the rules and regulations of whatever diet you intend to embark on and write a new rule book. A set of guidelines that are unique to you, moulded to you, and the most important virtual suit of armour you will ever wear.

And it’s time to be your own best friend.

Can Positive Thoughts Really Help With Weight Loss?

You bet they can!

Positive thinking is essential when it comes to losing weight. What do you think happens when you have thoughts like: ‘I am always going to be this weight’ or ‘I am never going to fit into that dress’…?

Your own subconscious says ‘okay let’s make that happen’.

The subconscious doesn’t understand that those statements are not what you really want, it ‘assumes’ because you are lending so much belief towards it, that you do.

Subconscious Mumbo Jumbo

You need to understand that your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind and if you think of something often enough, the subconscious will do everything it can to make it happen.

I’m going to repeat that again. Copy it. Understand it. And don’t ever forget it.


If you don’t ever read the rest of this article, take that one statement away with you and start telling your subconscious what it is you really want.

But what is the subconscious and what has it got to do with positive thinking?

The subconscious mind is ‘one of the most powerful inner forces which drives human behaviour’. – iMotions.com

According to M Farouk Radwan at 2KnowMyself.com, the subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all situations you’ve been through and all images you’ve ever seen…’

And in there are all of your inner programs; actions and thoughts that have been repeated over and over again, and are now performed without your conscious mind.

So one of the jobs of the subconscious – or the preconscious, as Sigmund Freud called it – is to ensure you act in-line with what has been programmed before.

The analogy of driving a car is normally used to explain this further:

You first learn to drive a car consciously and the continued learning and repetitive movements you do sets a program that is eventually executed by your subconscious mind. You are then no longer driving consciously and are able to concentrate on other things like holding a conversation or listening to the radio.

Likewise, if you are constantly thinking of a scenario (be it a desire, fear or a simple action), it is like writing an inner program for your subconscious. The subconscious mind doesn’t decipher what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘positive’ versus ‘negative’, it just responds to whatever belief you give your attention to, then causes you to act in a certain way to produce similar results…and that desire or fear becomes a reality.

Makes you think doesn’t it – pun absolutely intended 😉

‘Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.’ – Brian Tracy 

This is why repeatedly reading motivational quotes can be effective in building positivity. Brian Tracy, in his article on Understanding Your Subconscious Mind explains: ‘by focusing your thoughts on uplifting ideas, your subconscious will begin to implement a positive pattern in your way of thinking and your outlook on life.’

The Power of Positive Thinking

Although it takes a little more effort to think positive, the rewards are so much greater and hold much more power than negative thinking.


Because to think positive, it takes forced, intentional creativity and concentration; it is done with purpose and focus so the pictures are clearer, more exact and much more obvious than negativity. And the more work you put into it, the brighter and more evident those images become and the greater the reward.

So, it is now time to really focus on what you want, start demanding exactly what it is that you crave for – and quit asking for what you already have.

Are you ready?

Read Section 2 How To Prepare for Positive Thinking at: Positive Thinking How To

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